G r u e n   T e c h n i - Q u a d r o n

c. 1 9 2 9

Scarce Gruen “Techni-Quadron” men’s Streamline Moderne design doctor’s wristwatch in 14K white gold fill, circa 1929.

Gruen introduced its “Techni-Quadron” around 1929, targeted at technicians, doctors, and professionals needing exact time in seconds. It was priced at $60.00 in 1929. The watch uses a Gruen grade 877 movement produced by Aegler in Switzerland… the same movement used (with some slight medications) in the Rolex Prince. As the two watches use many of the same parts, a lot of the Gruens have been cannibalized to repair the Rolex version. The Gruens are scarce and this is the first I have ever offered. It is in excellent condition with just a little brassing to the bezel corners. Caseback is excellent and unengraved, with a few tiny dings and a little wear at the opening tab. The case measures 41mm long and 22mm wide. Older refinished dial is very good with a few tiny specks. Has new glass crystal. This watch is powered by its correct 15-jewel Gruen grade 877S Techni-Quadron manual wind movement, just serviced and running well.