L o r d   E l g i n   C h e v r o n   D i r e c t   R e a d i n g

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Lord Elgin “Chevron Direct Reading” men’s Space Age design jump hour wristwatch in 14K yellow gold fill, circa 1957.

Most collectors to refer to this model of Elgin’s “Direct Reading” as the “Chevron” watch because of the raised boomerang design on the bezel. Elgin cataloged it as the “Lord Elgin Direct Reading 7775” and it was priced at $79.50 in 1957. The watch features an early use of the digital concept, with two rotating disks displaying the time through a window in the case, with the hour disk jumping at the top of each hour. This example is in crisp, excellent condition with only a tiny speck of brassing at the apex of the chevron. I have restored the alternating polished and brushed finish to the bezel. Caseback is superb and unengraved. The case measures 38mm long and 31mm wide. Original rotating dial disks are superb. I have just serviced this watch and the hour disk jumps crisply at the top of each hour. Has new acrylic crystal. This watch is powered by its correct 21-jewel Elgin grade 719 movement.